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on Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:21 pm
Hi everyone, I'm Tatoranaki. I founded this forum with the help of a fantastic admin team and everyone who came to join us and make this a community. Now things are changing. Familiar faces are returning and new ones are arriving by the day.

Whether we all stick around and chat frequently, or only stop in periodically, topics like these journals are meant to keep that connection and give a reason to come back.

It's been years since I was active here. It's great to be back and have the help of Sam8432, Switch, Roddy15, and anyone else who comes to join us. It's also good to see Spilo, Keplers, and Roxtus, and I'm sure many more soon. Oh wow, I feel like I'm giving a political speech. Razz And now... I'd like to announce... that I'm running for president!

So updates.
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